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Regular Maintenance

Extending the Life of Your Vehicle

Clancy’s Service Centre employs only industry trained and honest technicians to service your vehicle. Above all, you get to decide what work is done on your car. Here is a list of some of the maintenance services we offer:

Oil and Filter Change

Change engine oil and filter every 5,000 km. to 8,000 km. We inspect all lights, fluid levels, tires and pressures, belts and hoses, air filter and battery with our Oil & filter courtesy inspection.

Check Engine Light

The Check Engine Light (which is actually the Malfunction Indicator Lamp or MIL) alerts you when an emissions-related problem occurs with the engine control system or emission controls on your vehicle. Depending on the nature of the problem the Check Engine Light may come on and remain on continuously or flash. Some intermittent problems will make the Check Engine Light come on only while the fault is occurring (such as engine misfire). The Check Engine light usually remains on once a fault has been detected and will remain on to remind you that a problem has occurred that needs to be investigated.

An illuminated Check Engine Light can be annoying because you don't know what's wrong and whether or not the problem might be a serious one or just a minor fault. There is no way to know what the problem is until you plug a scan tool into the vehicle's diagnostic connector and read out the code(s) that turned the light on.

If no other warning lights are on and the engine seems to be running normally (no unusual noises, smells, vibrations, etc.), you can assume the fault that is causing the Check Engine Light to come on is probably minor and won't hinder your ability to continue driving. But if other warning lights are on, you should probably stop and investigate the problem.

Engine Tune-Up

Fuel efficiency can go down by as much as 30% with a fouled spark plug. Our technicians will follow the service schedules listed in your vehicle owner's manual when performing this service.

Fuel Filter Change

This is done every 15,000 km. (up to 50,000 km depending on your vehicle) to prevent rust, dirt and other impurities from entering the fuel system.

Transmission Fluid and Filter Change

The transmission filter removes dirt and foreign matter from the transmission and transaxle fluid. To ensure that the precision-crafted components of your transmission system are free of impurities, change the fluid and filter every 50,000 to 80,000 km.

Transmission and Differential Fluid Level Check

Our technicians will verify that the manual transmission fluid level is in accordance with what is specified in your owner's manual. The same is done with the differential (rear-end) fluid level.

Suspension System Inspection

This involves inspecting the suspension system and the chassis. This can extend the life of the moving components of the suspension system as well as your car’s tires.

Windshield Wipers

Inspect your wiper blades for cracks or tears and if they are in contact with the windshield. Blades should be replaced yearly or if smearing begins.


Underinflated tires cause your car to use up more fuel. As such, you should check your tire’s inflation at least once a month. Be sure to verify in your car owners manual what the correct inflation pressure is.

Signals, Lights, and Flashers

Inspect your vehicle's headlights, brake lights, turn signals and emergency flashers as often as possible.



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