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Brake Services

Ensuring Your Brakes Are Fully Functional

The safety of our customers is important to us here at Clancy’s Service Centre in Lindsay, Ontario. For this reason, we offer repair and maintenance services to maintain the dependability of your car’s brake system. With our help, you can drive with peace of mind knowing your brakes have the power to stop the vehicle safely.

Signs Your Brakes Are Giving Out

The last thing you want to find out while driving is that your brakes have stopped working. Brakes on the edge of failing will constantly make a squealing or grinding sound when applied. Additionally, you will notice your car fading to one side when braking. Another giveaway is if your brake pedal feels spongy or is slow to respond. If you notice these signs, then call or bring in your car to Clancy’s Service Centre as soon as possible.

We Stop at Nothing to Ensure Your Safety

We offer a range of brake services to help keep you safe on the road. Our brake experts can diagnose traditional brake systems as well as ABS (Anti-lock Brake Systems). Whether your car needs to have brake pads replaced, calipers serviced or brake fluid replenished, we have you covered.

Don’t put yourself and your passengers at risk. Contact us today at 705-878-1596 or to get your brakes checked or repaired!

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