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Wheel Alignment

Helping Your Wheels Stay on Track

Located in Lindsay, Ontario, Clancy’s Service Centre can help you stay in control of your vehicle with our alignment services. With precision equipment at our disposal, we can set your vehicle's alignment straight so you can drive safely. Drive by our Service Centre today to get your car inspected.

Causes and Signs of Misaligned Wheels

The wheels of your car tend to get misaligned over time just from regular use. However, certain activities can worsen the issue. These include driving over potholes, going through rough roads and hitting curbs, among other minor road mishaps.

You will know you have misaligned wheels when your vehicle starts to veer. This can happen either to the left or to the right, even on a straight road. Another indication of this issue is uneven wear on your tires. 


Why Choose Us for Alignment Service

At our service centre, we will inspect the alignment of your vehicle. We do this using the latest technology and techniques. Our trained technicians will then set the alignment of your vehicle back to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Wheel alignment has numerous benefits. This includes having better control over your car. It will also help make your tires last longer while giving you and your passengers a smoother ride and also improves fuel mileage. 

Is your car veering left or right while driving? Contact us today at 705-878-1596 so we can take a look. You can also schedule an appointment by emailing us at

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